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    The Just Use It System
    Wouldn't you like a computer you can just use, and not have to constantly struggle with virus epidemics, system crashes, or having malware covertly turn your computer into a zombie spam server?

    Overall Technology Inc. Now makes it possible to have the kind of "just use it" computer you've always wanted!
    • Turn-key Linux servers and workstations
    • Professional remote admin and tech support

    The Inspection Network
    Expert system assisted home inspection report generating software.

    Making advanced artificial intelligence useful in the real world


    Overall Technology can supply safe, reliable,
    and easy to use computers and networks
    for your business and personal needs.

    • The Inspection Network
      • Advanced Computer Assisted Inspection Software
        • Home Inspection Software
        • Failing Composite Siding Inspection Software
        • Lifestyle Assessment Report Software

    • The Just Use It System - Turnkey Linux Desktops and Servers
      • Virtual Service Network - Professional admin and tech support
      • Internet Gateway - Firewall protected NAT
      • Web and Mail Server
      • PBX - Private telephone system, analog and VoIP phones
      • Point Of Sale - Retail sales and business management
        • Synchronics CounterPoint servers and terminals/workstations
        • Experienced building multi-store WAN networks
        • Offline ticketing, automatic daily and weekly backups - and more!
      • Business Desktop - Robust productivity software
      • Diskless Workstation - Support multiple low cost thin clients
      • VPN - Link remote offices with secure virtual private network
      • VNC - Access personal desktop from any networked workstation
      • Multimedia Entertainment - Single user or media server
        • Video - Enhanced resolution TV, video recorder and DVD
        • Music - Play CD, MP3, Oog-Vorbis, and other formats

    • Digital Books
      • Fiction - novels and short stories
      • Non-fiction - Informative and intellectually stimulating articles

    • Computer Aided Human Relations
      • Issues Conflict Resolution System
      • Conflict Resolution Library
    For those who want to use a computer in their work
    without working at using their computer