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    The Just Use It System
    Wouldn't you like a computer you can just use, and not have to constantly struggle with virus epidemics, system crashes, or having malware covertly turn your computer into a zombie spam server?

    Overall Technology Inc. Now makes it possible to have the kind of "just use it" computer you've always wanted!
    • Turn-key Linux servers and workstations
    • Professional remote admin and tech support

    The Inspection Network
    Expert system assisted home inspection report generating software.

    Making advanced artificial intelligence useful in the real world

    About Overall Technology Inc.
    Software Products

    Overall Technology Inc. was incorporated in 1992 to provide advanced inspection software and expert system analysis to independent inspection companies.

    Our commitment to supply our customers with comprehensive solutions for their business needs obliged Overall to expand our product line to include state of the art Linux servers and desktop systems, and sophisticated system administration

    Overall Technology Inc. earned its reputation for efficient and reliable software products developing state of the art products for stand-alone workstations and local area networks.

    We earned our reputation for exceptional honesty, integrity and trustworthiness the hard way - by consistently embracing the highest ethical principles over a decade of carefully respecting the ownership of the information passing through our networks, and aggressively protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our customers.

    We are currently re-creating some of our LAN products as web-served applications. The first implementation of our new technology is the revolutionary Issues Conflict Resolution System. We expect to make other products available on our web-servers in the near future.

    Overall Technology's Software Design Philosophy

    The primary purpose of business software is to provide a valued service to the user in a cost effective manner.

    According to Overall's tool theory, every tool requires some amount of operating overhead. Any operating overhead required by the tool directly reduces the total mental capacity the user can focus on the task at hand. The value of a tool is the ratio of what the tool can do for its user factored against its operating overhead.

    The operating overhead of a hammer probably represents the minimum operating overhead possible. At the other end of the spectrum are many computer software packages where the operating overhead is so all consuming that those who operate the tool have no cognitive capacity left to actually use the tool.

    The objective of tool design should be to minimize the operating overhead of tools in order to maximize their usefulness in accomplishing the tasks of their users.

    For those who want to use a computer in their work
    without working at using their computer