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    The Just Use It System
    Wouldn't you like a computer you can just use, and not have to constantly struggle with virus epidemics, system crashes, or having malware covertly turn your computer into a zombie spam server?

    Overall Technology Inc. Now makes it possible to have the kind of "just use it" computer you've always wanted!
    • Turn-key Linux servers and workstations
    • Professional remote admin and tech support

    The Inspection Network
    Expert system assisted home inspection report generating software.

    Making advanced artificial intelligence useful in the real world

    Latest Development - Cellphone Interface!

    Overall Technology has pioneered yet another quantum leap in inspection technology!

    Once again Overall Technology has raised the bar of technological sophistication and ease of use.

    Our latest innovation marks a convergence of Internet enabled cellphones and advanced artificial intelligence, turning your cellphone into a powerful inspection tool!

    We didn't restrict the power and functionality of our software to fit in the limited capabilities of a hand held device like some of our competitors.

    We instead turned your cellphone's web browser screen into an interactive interface to the full power of our advanced software running on dedicated servers.

    Clients of The Inspection Network can now use their web-enabled cellphones for the complete inspection report process:

    • Record observations
    • Upload/Place pictures taken with their cellphone's built-in camera in their reports
    • Insert contents from their libraries into their reports
    • Generate finished reports
    • Deliver reports to multiple recipients via email

    The web-served system also supports:

    • Inspection previewing
    • Host expert system analysis
    • Editing completed reports
    • Managing the contents of user libraries

    Reports are generated as PDF files which can be downloaded to the inspector's computer, or emailed to multiple addresses directly from the server. If the user's Internet connection is interrupted for any reason, the system will return to the point where he left off the next time he logs in.

    While our new system is intended to allow all aspects of the system to be managed with just a web-served cellphone, it can also be used from any type of conventional computer with a web browser and Internet connection.

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    For those who want to use a computer in their work
    without working at using their computer