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    The Just Use It System
    Wouldn't you like a computer you can just use, and not have to constantly struggle with virus epidemics, system crashes, or having malware covertly turn your computer into a zombie spam server?

    Overall Technology Inc. Now makes it possible to have the kind of "just use it" computer you've always wanted!
    • Turn-key Linux servers and workstations
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    The Inspection Network
    Expert system assisted home inspection report generating software.

    Making advanced artificial intelligence useful in the real world

    Flexible Report Formats

    The Inspection Network uses highly flexible report and checklist modules to allow inspectors to define the structure of their checklists and reports the way they want them. Just select the checklist and report modules you prefer out of the library, and assemble them in the order that works best for you. The system will figure out they interrelate, and fit them all together into a professional finished report.

    Many of the categories in the module library offer an assortment of modules, with each module being a variation that was requested by our customers over the years. For example, there are now around a dozen bathroom modules in the library. If you can't find a module that fits your needs, tell us what you need and we'll add it to the module library.

    Once you've assembled an inspection format you like, you can save it in your format library so it will be available for reuse the next time you inspect a similar property. Each time you start a different kind of inspection, select the format that is closest to what you need from your format library, and then add or remove modules as required. If you think you might want to reuse this new format in the future, you can add it to your format library.

    The system also offers an Inspector's Comment library where you can store an assortment of comments ready to be reused. Just select the desired comment from the menu to insert it into a report.

    The longer you use The Inspection Network, the better adapted it becomes to the way you do your inspections - and the more efficient it becomes in getting the job done. Small wonder that many of our customers have been using The inspection Network for over a decade.

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