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    The Just Use It System
    Wouldn't you like a computer you can just use, and not have to constantly struggle with virus epidemics, system crashes, or having malware covertly turn your computer into a zombie spam server?

    Overall Technology Inc. Now makes it possible to have the kind of "just use it" computer you've always wanted!
    • Turn-key Linux servers and workstations
    • Professional remote admin and tech support

    The Inspection Network
    Expert system assisted home inspection report generating software.

    Making advanced artificial intelligence useful in the real world

    Content Control

    Our objective is to help you write reports your way as efficiently as possible.

    You can use as much or as little of the Host expert system's output as you want. New inspectors are well advised to let the Host expert system provide most of text in their reports. As they gain experience, most inspectors want to personalize their business. They want more control over the phrasing, findings, and recommendations contained in their reports.

    The Inspection Network makes it easy to override the Host expert system. You can directly edit the contents of individual reports by manually typing in changes and/or inserting pre-written text from your inspector's comment library. However, we recommend you keep this practice to a minimum due to the increased time involved in each report.

    A far more efficient solution for conditions you encounter repeatedly, is to use the Local Host Overrides to automatically replace contents generated by the Host expert system.

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    For those who want to use a computer in their work
    without working at using their computer